Summary of the Storytelling panel at WCF Davos

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On March 9, Katja Schleicher, Kirk Cheyfitz, Shawn Callahan and myself were invited to a debate on Storytelling at the World Communication Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The panel was brilliantly moderated by Guntram Kaiser, CEO of KaiserCommunication. It was designed as an interactive debate with the audience. This post is a summary of what was asked, and what […]

El Storytelling no es Marketing en EBE Barcelona

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El próximo sábado, 20 de abril, daré una ponencia en EBE Barcelona. Por sugerencia de Benito Castro, la he titulado “El Storytelling no es Marketing”. Me he propuesto hablar de lo siguiente: En los últimos meses, la palabra Storytelling aparece cada vez con más frecuencia en las webs de Marketing, Publicidad y Social Media. Escriben […]